Insta-Fame Studios
I have experience designing, building, and installing acoustical preparation and dealing with sound transmission between rooms and structures. To fix acoustics in problem areas I usually rely on empirical listening tests using a known sound source. Broadband low and low mid absorbers are installed to remedy longer frequency cancellation. A combination of diffusers, curved and skyline, and high end absorbers are used to fix high frequency comb filtering while preserving desired room reverb characteristics. A variety of methods can be used to reduce transmission of sound waves through walls, ceilings, and floors. I have installed floating floors, double studded floating walls, double wall systems, rooms within rooms, resilient sheet rock isolation strips and clips, green glue, and more. i have done this in residential and commercial structures. i have experience specifying and installing sound and multiple zone AV systems for clubs , bars and homes.
Acoustical Preparation and Isolation